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Photo Observation #3

2. Photo: Taken at a fire pit in Chicago by the lake.

3. Theme: Night Life

4. Description: It was a large bonfire surrounded by the darkness of a summer night. There were left over color smoke bombs from a Fourth of July which involved many fireworks over a small lake. These smoke bombs were thrown into the fire to create an artificial flame of blues, purples, and some greens. This resulted in an amazing glow of amber light from the fire as well as those other colors. Illuminating the night around it with sudden heat of light.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit:

Theme: Hot

Description: I was amazed when I saw this picture, and it was even more impressive when I zoomed in on it. The way the orange sunlight filters through the clouds makes it look as if the sky is on fire, and few things in the world are hotter than fire. The stark contrast of the bright sky against the dark, quiet forest almost gives you the illusion that you’re standing on a mountain observing an enormous forest fire far away – but it’s just an optical illusion, which makes it particularly cool (or should I say hot) … (sorry for the lame joke.)

Photo Observation #4: Hot as Oranges in Florida


I found this image online. It can be found at

The lighting theme is hot.

Orange, red, and yellow may be cooler in terms of degrees Kelvin but they are associated with warm things like the sun and fire. The big bright hues of the sky reflect the excessive warmth of the lighting. The sky is on fire, red hot. The golden ball of gaseous matter shines like the largest gem and greatest treasure in the sky and makes the sky its hue. It is yellow and white with a hint of orange like a match flame glowing bright to light a candle. It is thus a mass producer of heat parching the landscape like how a used match is charred. It silhouettes and gives a highlight of red to the things beneath it like what a dreamer might imagine the Martian landscape to look like. This red makes the world seem hot like a laser beam has been pointed at everything. The distribution is wide engulfing the entire sky and majority of the landscape in the warm colors and causing the silhouetting to occur. The light source glows with warmth, and the lighting is as hot as a bright red pepper tastes as a consequence.

Photo Observation #3

nightlife (1)


3) THEME:Nightlife

4) DESCRIPTION: Watching from the side of the club, I watched as the lights danced on the faces of the other guests. The floor was washed with a harsh red, looking almost like fire against the club’s deck. A single blue light flashed around the club, like a searchlight looking for a lost criminal. It was flanked with two smaller lights, like eyes penetrating the red. Green lasers shot around the room, piercing the light with a sharp beam. They gave an almost surreal feel to the club, like the bottom on a spaceship, landing on Earth. 



Lighting Observation #1 – The Fireplace



1. 1/29/14 at around 10:45 in my den.

2. A bright blaze of reds, oranges and yellows, flickering in a darkened room. It was a warm, soothing glow.

3. As I walked into my den, I felt a sudden change of atmosphere. Suddenly the stresses of the day were gone; not only for me, but for my family as well.  As the warm, red sparks danced around, I felt my worries dance away with them. The orange and yellow flames brought me to a warmer and calmer mindset. The gentle movement of the fire was as graceful as a tree in a soft breeze. The light emitted from the roaring fireplace created a serene and peaceful environment for relaxation.


Photo Observation #6: Powerful

  1. firewx1
  2. Photo from at
  3. Theme: Powerful
  4. The way the fire lights up in the darkness is chilling. the strength of the edge of the yellow makes it look as if the fire is pushing the hill out of the picture. The oranges and reds spread throughout the tree’s being cast against the shadows of the billowing smoke. Fire has always been a symbol of power to me. The idea that fire extended the day with it’s light is a perfect example of the power it has. The way the light is growing from it’s source and quickly moving across the mountainside is a perfect demonstration of it’s strength and power. It is making itself known and is showing that it truly is a force to be reckoned with. The way the light fills the darkness is the visual representation of it’s capabilities, extending night to day.


Photo Observation!


THEME: Unreal

I took unreal to mean something that wasn’t necessarily fake, but just seems utterly impossible – magical, if you will. This really captures it for me. Fire is something notoriously unmanageable and unpredictable, and this person is bending it to her will. Not only that, but she’s doing the cool ‘breathing fire’ thing, something I’ve never been able to wrap my head around. It’s a skill of street fairs and carnivals of old, something done to draw in the audience to witness the undoable and the unknown. She’s bathed in a deep red hue created solely by the fire, and it’s reflected in her skin and visible in between her tattoos, showing what the fire is doing, even to her and her skin rather than what she is doing. The focus is on the fire, and it really draws you in.

Photo Observation #1- Coloradan Sunrise

Sunrise in Boulder, Colorado

2) Photo taken on April 15, 2006. Photography by Craig Christopher in Boulder, Colorado.

3) THEME: Sunrises and Sunsets

4) DESCRIPTION: Colorado is a state overwhelmed with natural beauty. Roughly one half, the eastern half, is the plains. Simple yet beautiful. On the Western half there are great mountains offering landscapes and beautiful scenery for hundreds of square miles. The human race is fascinated with all that nature has to offer, from the tall mountains to the deep oceans and the grassy meadows to the rocky cliffs. People travel thousands of miles just to see certain spots on earth. Every evening, landscapes become enhanced all over the world as the sun sets and casts long, warmly lit shadows across the land. It is at this time that nature is enhanced and the shapes and contours of the world around us are modeled and emphasized by the beautiful light on the horizon provides for us. In Hawaii people flock from their condos each night to watch the golden ball of fire fall from bright yellow into a orange and red glow as it sets behind the ocean. When the sun returns the next morning there is always a new set of tourists and locals alike perched high above the clouds on volcanoes watching the first beams of light cast their warm shadows across the landscape in a similar way to the night before as the orange sun meets the blue sky once more.

In Colorado, many Denver Broncos fans comment on how “God must be a Bronco fan, otherwise why would the sunsets be orange and blue.” Sunsets and sunrises are universal in the fact that they happen all over the world, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There is always only one sunrise and one sunset in each day. The sun is always the same relative distance from earth each day and is burning energy in the same way; however just like a snowflake, no two sunrises or sunsets are the same. What makes a sunrise worth mentioning is when the air is pretty clear and there are a few puffy and interesting clouds in the sky. The true draw of a sunrise is not usually the actual vision of the light from the sun, but rather the lights reflection off of the particles in the air and the reflection of the colors on the clouds and other surfaces reflecting light.

What I really like about this sunrise is that it is different from the typical sunrise one might think of. In Colorado there are over 300 days of sunshine each year. If a storm of any kind moves in, it will never last long as the sun will burn off the clouds quickly and warm the air and cause the day to become very nice. This picture was taken just as the first few rays of sunlight were cresting the horizon. It had rained all night and the pollution in the air had been taken out by the rain and the air was clear and crisp. The clouds were just beginning to break and loosen up as the sun was rising. Unlike most “beautiful” sunrises and sunsets, there weren’t any big puffy clouds and rich blue sky; instead the clouds were heavy and dark and kept most of the sky black until it was thoroughly enriched by the sun’s rays. With the Sky being black it helps give a lot of contrast to the very rich and intense yellows and oranges brought out by the sun and it crests the horizon. The oranges and yellows of the light are so incredibly intense that they make the image feel as though it is being warmed. There is a great contrast with this intense light and the silhouettes of the naked cotton wood trees in the foreground. The lack of leaves on the trees gives a clearer silhouette and also creates a temperature contrast showing that it is most likely winter but the feeling the viewer gets from the colors is that the image is almost on fire. Coming back to the uniqueness of this sunrise brings me to a closing statement. Yes, I am a Colorado native and am proud to call it home, and despite how many people think that Tim Tebow is a god and is very close to Jesus I prefer to look at sunsets that remind me more of an october sky, a sky of orange and black.

Photo Observation- Week 13

2) from my summer pics

3) Theme: Large

4) The light from my awesome fire shows how one small thing can create such a huge light. The range and distance the light went and how bright it was covered the whole campsite and a few others.

“Power” Photo Observation


2) Blog

3) Power

4) This photo represents power because of the red glow the fire casts on to the tree.  The color is strong and allows the trees to stand out. Your able to see almost all of them individually instead of as a group which is more often in a forest. The light radiates throughout the picture.