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Lighting Observation 2 (Week 5)

1)   2/28/11 – about 1 o’clock pm – Outside of Bits

2)   The gray colored sky shining grayish colored light.

3)   I just finished getting lunch at bits and I walked out side.  While out side I found that the lighting was very emotional.  The light was gray and stark which gave a sad feeling and cold too.  The gray white color of the light, which seemed to come from a hidden source, reminded me of the fluorescent lights in our classroom and how when turned they make it feel like a prison, against the concrete walls.  They both had a similar color temperature and they really expressed a feeling of loneliness.  We have had a few rainy days here and there and they have had a similar light but for some reason this particular moment really got to me emotionally in terms of feeling the effects of the light.  This was an instance where light can really set the mood.


Lighting Observation 1 (Week 5)

1)   2/27/11 – about 8:15pm – In front of Hofstra Hall

2)   A very yellowish light coming from inside Hofstra Hall, surrounded by darkness.

3)   This light really spoke to me because it reminded me of the movies and how I have seen several shots or scenes where everything is dark except for one warm yellow lighting source coming from inside some house or something.  This moment was full of relaxation and almost had a romantic feeling to it.  When first glancing at it I pictured someone sitting in a large arm chair, ready for bed, reading and there just being a fireplace or soft colored desk lamp illuminating the area.  The light was so warm feeling and cozy.  It was surrounded by the darkness outside that helped create a high contrast.  The moment was very fairytale like and it had a sort of fantasy like quality to it.  For some reason I am attracted to this kind of light, considering I have mentioned it before in a way and I think it just has a very inviting feel to it.




1) House: 2/20/2011

2) Theme: Modeling

3) I was using my computer at night in my room. The light hit half of my face and I observed it in the mirror. It made my face intense and ominous. It was a cool effect illuminating half of my face. It felt as if I had an aspect of my life that others could not see. I was only letting people see a portion of me.

Light Observation 4 B

1.) 2/24/11- 9 pm ish- Spiced (India- Thai Restaurant)

2.) Where we were sitting, at a table near the bar, there were pale red and blue wall lights that were also on the under side of the bar, but at the front of restaurant there were regular yellow house lights. So, my lighting moment was this effect of the two lights on my fiance’s face, half of it was lit as you would normally expect but the other was an odd reddish- violet color lit from below and any time he moved his hand it was blue. As well as a blue halo of sorts back lighting him.

3.) The effect of the light on his face was so awkward and uncomfortable! Well, really it was amusing because half his face was epically lit with this reddish violet light and then the other half was so normal! Plus, his “hot spots” were on the underside of his jaw and his nose because the light came from below; yet there was enough fill in the room so as to not cast any shadows. It was such an unfortunate lighting design moment for this restaurant!

Photo Observation, week 4

2) Taken in a relatives house

3) Modeling

4) The cat is being back lit with natural sunlight which makes heavy shadows on his face.  Shadows and some reflections can be seen on the chess set and towards the front of the table.  The cat looks serious and the shadowing helps this.

Lighting Observation 2, week 4

1) 1:00pm – 11/28/10- Office in the city(film shoot)

2) Dark office with windows all around, there was one Omni shining down on the desk with the actor sitting in the chair in front of it.

3)It was dark in the office there we were still setting up the lights we had one at the time, it was directed down onto the glass desk.  The actor was sitting in the chair  and it created just the right amount of shadow to made it look amazing.

Lighting observation 1, week 4

1) 10:30pm – 10/21/11- outside between Alliance and the Student Center

2) There was a full moon outside, but it was also cloudy.  The clouds were covering the moon just enough for light to show through.

3) The moon was full and with the clouds somewhat covering it and the smoke coming from the chimney of the building, it gave it an eerie feeling.  It made it seemed as if I was in a vampire or werewolf movie.  There was just enough light shining through to make it look cool.  What began to happen is the clouds started to clear out and the full moon was in full sight.

Light Observation

1) 1-24-2011, 5:30 @ Bits & Bites

2)Small secluded light fixture, beamed right on top of my friend’s head.

3) It was the same effect as if you were to place a flashlight under someone’s face. The angle of the light directly above looked slightly unnatural.  As soon as we sat down the lighting powers that be gave me this awesome lighting moment. So this secluded light beaming straight down on my friends face, gave her a spooky look.