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Photo Observation #10



3. Bête Noire

4. A sunrise is one of the most spectacular things a person can lay eyes on. However, as I’m waking up this is the last thing I want to see. As my eyes got adjusted to the pitch blackness from sleeping, I become startled when a radiant beam of yellow and white blind me with a great ray of intensity. As it peeks out the window it fills my room with blaring reds, oranges, yellows and whites that tells me it’s time to wake up. Ironically enough, this beautiful spectacle of light is something I could never look forward to seeing.

5. Capture

Photo Observation 4



3) Lonely

4) The single spotlight struggles to shine its light through the blackness from above. All around it is just the darkness. It is completely alone, isolated from everything by the darkness which overwhelms the scene. Even still, it shines it light, and does the job for which it was intended. The light appears almost alive, and to me, seems almost melancholy for its lack of companionship with other light. Even still, it continues to shine.