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Light Observation #3

1.) My Room Wednesday Night 2/14/18 @ 8pm.

2.) A Lava Lamp on in my dark room. The lava Lamp has a cool temperature, it is a light blue. The small Lava lamp is siting on top of my white bureau shelving in the corner of my room. My curtains are down blocking all of the Uniondale streetlights. The light turns the corner of my room a bright light blue. The beams reaches out to about 3/4 of my room and fades out before it can reach the forth wall. My walls are a light green color and when mixed with the blue light it made a very light blue-green, more blue than green. The blue light also reflected off my TV screen and gave some extra light to my bed.

3.) This light gives me an interstellar feeling. I feel like I am in a space ship that is far out in deep space. The only light source that can be seen is the blue light source running the life tanks.

Shadow of the Unfaithful

Source: George Nicholas’ Cinematography Class Shoot at the Lawrence T. Hubert School of Communication, December 8, 2016.

Theme: Shadow

Description: Taken inside the Comm Building studio, this photo was taken within a constructed bedroom. The walls, floor, bed, and window are fake, with everything seen being the only things built. While only this part of the set is shown, numerous lights shine onto the set and create shadows.

This photo physically and emotionally portrays the possibility of someone being unfaithful. The shadows across my face and on the female model attempt to hide us against the open window. However, there is light shining through that shows us through the shadows, unable to hide our sin. Despite staying around a paradise as seen from the window, both the model and I attempt to stay in the shadows away from prying eyes.

Date: 2/8/16 Time: 11:00 Location: Max Cerci’s Room

Objective: lamp in the corner that is lighting up the room with the TV on.

Subjective: the lamp is creating a pool of light that is making the environment relaxing while watching Christina Aguilera, Max’s favorite artist. It gives off an amber color that lights up the corner of his room leaving the rest of the room slightly lit.

Light Observation 8

1) Feb 24, ~7:00 PM; my room

2) My lamp reflected on my wall

3) Both my lighting observations are in my room this week, but what can I say? It’s all I’ve seen since I’ve been sick. It was dark and I had turned on all of my artificial lights in my room (not the overhead lights because I, too, hate fluorescent light). I was on my bed reading when I noticed that, interestingly, my floor lamp made an interesting image of itself in a pseudo-reflection on the wall. The lamp has a gray base with five white shades. The light from bulbs was bright against the wall, and their light causes the base to cast a shadow against the wall. The colors of the light and the shadow match that of the actual object, and so mimic a reflection. I had to get out of my bed and observe the wall to see if it was actually reflective (it’s not)– it was an interesting optical illusion!

Light Observation 7

1) Feb  26, ~2:00 AM; my room

2) My roommate’s and my pink Christmas lights.

3) I woke in a daze when my roommate returned to our room in the middle of the night. I was very confused and don’t remember why I got out of bed, but I do remember seeing the room entirely in pink light. My roommate and I both have pink Christmas lights strung across our room so that one can sleep while the other can see. I remember that everything was pink–my roommate’s face and clothes were both pink. In addition, we have a lot of pink objects in our room that popped and were enhanced from the entirely pink light. We have two large rugs on our floor that are deep pink. It was disorienting; in my sleepy daze I wasn’t sure which way was up. The lack of differentiation between the floor, walls, and ceiling did not help.

Photo Observation #10



3. Bête Noire

4. A sunrise is one of the most spectacular things a person can lay eyes on. However, as I’m waking up this is the last thing I want to see. As my eyes got adjusted to the pitch blackness from sleeping, I become startled when a radiant beam of yellow and white blind me with a great ray of intensity. As it peeks out the window it fills my room with blaring reds, oranges, yellows and whites that tells me it’s time to wake up. Ironically enough, this beautiful spectacle of light is something I could never look forward to seeing.

5. Capture