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Light Observation #1

1. 7:15 AM, Wednesday, January 29th 2014. 614B Portsmouth House, Colonial Square.

2. Sunlight filtering through semi-opened blinds and hitting the floor and bed.

3. Eyelids twitching open from the unexpected brightness, I was suddenly awake with blinding beams of light biting into my eyes. The more awake I became, the more the room became a warm, peachy color.

Lighting Observation 1

1) Thursday 1/30/14, 7:41 AM, my dorm room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: At the back wall of our dorm room, there is a window which looks out to Oak Street. This morning, the light from the newly risen sun was streaming in through the blinds.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I looked at the window, I noticed a bright white light streaming in through between the blinds. The light stretched its fingers across the floor, creating a magnificent piece of artwork on the stained blue carpet on the floor. The light appeared pure white, like the color of a freshly fallen snow. To wake up to this beautiful image was a sign that today was going to be a good day.

Light Obervation 5

1) 2/26/13 1:30 A.M. Laying in my bed.

2) Laying in my bed I looked out my window and the moon. The blinds were closed, so I could only see from a certain angle. The moon had a soft white light that I could see but did not reflect into any other part of my room.

3) Seeing the moon at night is almost like seeing a friend after a long time apart. You spend time away from each other but in the back of your mind you are aware of each others existence. You might remember every once in a while and smile while thinking about old times. But when nighttime comes in to your life and a feeling of solitude creeps up, you realize that your friend is still there. He may have changed since last time, but he is still there. Even when you can’t see the moon, it is always present and it will turn up when you need it to during the dark, as a warm, inviting friend to remind you that you’re not alone.

Light Observation

I was sitting in the student center on Sunday, getting dinner with one of my friends.

There was light angling down from one of the high up windows that hit her accross the face, illuminating it in warm tones.

The way the light hit my friends face caught in her eye making her hazel irises shine brightly. Yet something caught me off-gaurd. Her iris was striped. Not like, my-irises-are-more-than-one-color striped, but like really-bad-wallpaper striped. The effect was pretty, but a little disconcerting. Until I realized that the stripes were actually the shadows of her eyelashes being cast across her face. I thought it was really cool because its really rare for people’s eyelashes to show up like that and for light to hit them in a way that casts a shadow, especially one with such clearly defined edges.

Lighting Observation

I had my lighting moment sitting in Lowe 106 for Hamlet rehearsal on 2/9. I looked over the door on the side of the room, and the light was reflecting in such a way as to create the never ending hallway effect. I looked at it for a moment, but I didn’t figure out exactly where the light was reflecting from to create this effect which was odd.

The light reflecting in the window of the door was shaped almost like an old-fashioned gas lamp, and as the image repeated itself, it seemed to create a hallway, like a secret passage into a world of the past akin to the tunnels through which the phantom leads Christine in Phantom of the Opera. It was an erie effect, considering no lights in the room are shaped in such a way as to create that particular reflection, or at least not obviously.

Lighting Observation 2 (Week 8)

1) Thursday 1 pm, Bits and Bytes sitting by the window

2) Light from a near noon sun through the glass window through water streaming down the window.

3) I was sitting in Bits and Bytes eating my delicious chicken parm and reading Deathrap, when I noticed water running down the window. Then i noticed the moving rivulets of water were casting a pattern on the bright white pages of my book. It was like a moving gobo pattern with shadows and bluish gray colors moving and changing quickly across the pages. The sunlight was bright and pure outside bringing out the colors of the grass and trees in contrast to the stark white and gray of the pattern on the book. The mood created a clean and refreshing feeling. It was a bright cheerful feeling.

Lighting Observation 1, Week 6

When/ Where:  Tyler’s bedroom, 3pm.

Objective:  Sunlight coming through window, visible because of cigarette smoke.

Subjective:  The light appeared thick, almost like you could hold on to it.  It was a slow, calm, lazy light that reminded me of a bright summer morning.  The light put a smile on my face.  It made the room look like a painting.

Light Observation 2 (Week 4)

1)   2/23/11- 10:00 pm- My Dorm Room

2)   Long streaks of light on walls being produced by the gaps in between the blinds.

3)   Right before I was about to go to sleep I noticed a lighting moment.  There was a yellowish light that shined in through our window, and the blinds are usually closed during the night so as a result it created uniform lines on our walls.  The light shined in through the gaps in between the blinds and it created a very distinct blind image on our wall.  The reason I liked this moment was because it make me think of a gobo and how it does the same thing.  What is interesting is that if the image on the wall was a little more distinct and had a different color, I could easily mistake it as the actual window and not just the light/ shadow being made by one.  Adding the yellow light did not contribute to it looking authentic because the yellow does not look natural but rather very artificial.  The color made it very hard to attach an emotion, time of day, etc. because it was so fake looking and didn’t really go with a particular feeling or notion.  Either way the pattern and light was interesting from a practical stand point and I will remember it for when I use gobos.

Light Observation 1, Week 3

When/ Where:  Friend’s living room, Wednesday 1:45 pm

Objective Description:  Tyler sitting on a chair next to a window while smoking a cigarette.

Subjective Description:  There was sunlight coming in through the window, and when Tyler exhaled his smoke and leaned against the wall, the sun caught the smoke so it looked like a billowy veil over his face.  It looked magical and weird, but still very cheerful because of the bright sunlight.  I enjoyed this lighting moment a lot because it took me by surprise.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 3)

1) 2/12/11- around 8:30- Hockey Rink

2) Moon light shining through window into a completely dark rink.

3)  This lighting moment was one that caught me off guard because the way the light shined through the window was perfect and look as though it was done on purpose.  It felt cold and a little bit mysterious.  The light shined through a four pane, old window and it created long beams of light that looked similar to a spot light.  It was a bluish tint and the only light I could see.  The high angle of the light also gave it a strange look, as though it was looking down upon something and would have definitely cast long deep shadows that would conceal the features of an object.  It was a picture perfect light.